How To Open RAR Files In 5 Easy Steps (2021)

How To Open RAR Files In 6 Easy Steps (2021)

Are you want to learn how to open RAR files?  RAR or zip files are simply a file that stores a very large or multiple file or data in a very compresses form that not only saves your storage but also help you to manage your file smartly. But people face problem while extracting the Rar file or unzip the rar file.

If you are one who wants to know how to open RAR files successfully, then you are coming to the right place, here you find the step by step insights on how to open RAR files easily.

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Steps how to open RAR files:

1.  Firstly go to and WinRAR and hit enter and download the WinRAR software and save it to the computer.

How to Open a RAR Files In 5 Easy Steps (2021)

2.  After downloading the WinRAR software into your computer, now launch this & create a shortcut on your computer.


winrar shortcut


3. Now select a zip file that you do you want to open.


Open RAR Files


4. After selecting the zip file now click over the extract to the button.


extract file winrar

5. After clicking on the extract to button, now you find a new path window where you select the path or location of your life, where you want to extract to unzip your selected file.

What is a RAR file and how do you open it?

6. After selecting the right location of your selected file, now click on the ok button. now you found you successfully unzip or open a zip file.

Steps how to open RAR files

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