how to open a pomegranate

How To Open A Pomegranate In 4 Simple Steps (2021)

Are you really curious about how to open a pomegranate? The amazing powerful antioxidants health benefits of pomegranate really bound you to eat it. If you are a health-conscious person then you must try pomegranate at once.

Before knowing how to open a pomegranate in the right way, firstly get some insights about the pomegranate. so have a good idea about the pomegranate.

What is pomegranate:

Steps on how to open a pomegranate

Pomegranate generally grows in Mediterranean regions and it is a native fruit of Persian regions that you know today as Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia.

The seeds of pomegranate are edible & they are a great source of fiber. The juice of pomegranate contains a rich amount of vitamin C, Vitamin B5, and other antioxidants, that not only clean your blood but also detoxify your body.

Steps on how to open a pomegranate

Steps on how to open a pomegranate

1. Before going to cutting the pomegranate place it between the center of the cutting board and roll it polity with your hands with little pressure so it loosens its seeds. This thing really helps to open your pomegranate.

2.Now take a knife and cut the top part that is also known as the flower part remove it and you also cut the bottom part of the pomegranate.

3.After cutting to the bottom or lower part of the pomegranate now slices the pomegranate in half between the ridges of it. After cutting the slice of pomegranate now you see the thin white layer over the seeds.

4.Now you remove the white ridge & thin layer with the help of a knife & easily enjoy the seeds of an open pomegranate.

What is pomegranate

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