how to open a paint can

How To Open A Paint Can In Best 5 Steps (2021)

Are you looking for the right method of how to open a paint can successfully without any difficulty? Paint plays a very important role in the house decoration, they not enhance the beauty of the house but also make your house attractive and creating a good impression on your eyes and mind. You feel relax and tension free by sitting in your colorful house.

If you are planning to clour your house but you have no idea how to open a paint can, then you are coming to the right place, here you find the best possible insights that can help in open a paint can successfully.


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How to open a paint can (steps):


Steps how to open a paint can

1.Before going to open a paint can you require hand gloves and a putty knife, screwdriver, knife, so or can opener you can use any one of them according to the availability.

Steps how to open a paint can

2. Place the paintbox on the flat ground & take the screwdriver or putty knife as per your availability, now position the screwdriver between the lip of the lid & rim of the can.

Steps how to open a paint can

3.  Now gently hold the screwdriver & break the seal by leveraging the handle down and rotate the can by using another hand.

Steps how to open a paint can

4.  Now the lid is free, remove it slowly with your hands & place it aside, so can use the paint as per your need.

open a paint can

5. Always keep in mind, close it tight after use, so you can use it in the future without any problem or damage.


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