How To Delete Quora Space

How To Delete Quora Space In 2021

Are you want to know how to delete quora space? There is no doubt Quora is one of the world’s largest question & answer sites, millions of people using Quora all around the world by asking questions and creating spaces. if you are no longer use your quora space due to busy times or any other raesons.

If you are one who has no idea how to delete quora space, then you are coming to the right place, here you find step by step method that how to delete quora space successfully.

Steps on how to delete quora space

Quora Login

1. log in to your Quora account.
quora space

2. Now simply select the Quora space, you want to delete.

quora space

3. After opening your quora space, now simply click on settings.

delete space

4. Now scroll down to the bottom & click ok delete space.

How do I delete unwanted spaces/topics on Quora?

5. Now a new pop-up window comes and Quora is asking for your confirmation to delete space. After clicking on the delete space, you will find that you successfully delete your quora space.

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