How To Delete A Page On Facebook

How To Delete A Page On Facebook (2021)

Are you no longer want to use your Facebook and looking for how to delete a page on Facebook?  There is no doubt Facebook is one of the topmost social media platforms. If you are one who wants to delete your Facebook page for some reason then you are coming to the right place here you find step by step solution on how to delete a page on Facebook.

Steps on how to delete a page on Facebook:

How do I delete my Facebook Page?

1. Log in to your Facebook account.

facebook pages

2. Now select the pages option.

How to Delete Your Facebook

3. Now select the pages you want to delete.

page setting

4. Now after opening the Facebook page, now click on the setting option.

How to delete a Facebook business page

5. After clicking on settings, now scroll to the bottom and select the remove page menu, now click on delete your page.


6.  After clicking on delete your page now Facebook wants your confirmation, so simply click on delete ( your name).
facebook delete page pop up

7. Now a new pop up window comes and they ask for a delete page, simply click on the delete page.
facebook page

8. Now you see a new pop up window, Facebook tells you the page entered deletion mode, click ok. Now your page is deleted within 14 days.

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