how to create digital signature

How To Create Digital Signature In 2021

Are you want to know that how to create digital signature? Are you a business owner or doing a job somewhere, you really need a digital signature. If you are one who has no idea how to create digital signature, then you are coming to the right place, here you find step by step guidance on how to create digital signature successfully at home.

Steps on how to create digital signature:

small pdf

1.  The very first step you have go to the Smallpdf page and sign up.

e signature

2. After login simply select the eSign Pdf option.

esign pdf

3.  Now add or upload the document that needs to be signing.

Steps on how to create digital signature

4. Now simply select any one option from whom you want to upload your pdf file or document.

create digital signature

5. After uploading the pdf file, now you see a window pop up, welcome to the new eSign.

digital signature

6. Now simply click on create signature.

create digital signature

7. Now draw your signature or you can upload the image of your signature and click on create.

How do I create an electronic signature?

8. Now you see your digital signature is created & it’s ready to use.

Is an electronic signature as legal as a paper signature? ‍

9. Now you simply darg your ready to use a signature, simply drag it, where you want to sign in your document.

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