How can I open WhatsApp Web

How Can I Open WhatsApp Web Successfully (2021)

Are you searching for how can I open Whatsapp web? Whatsapp is a social messenger app that is the most famous messaging platform where you can send text, audio, video, or another file to your family &friends.

Nowadays Whatsapp also using for promoting an online business and it is a great way to reach your online audience, that why it’s so much popular than another messenger platform.

If you are one who don’t know how to login to Whatsapp on your desktop or laptop, then you are coming to the right place, here you find step-by-step insights on how can you login WhatsApp on your desktop successfully.


Steps How can I open WhatsApp Web


How can I open WhatsApp Web

1.  Simply type on your desktop or online portal.

WhatsApp Web


2.  After WhatsApp web login, you see a QR code now you have to scan this QR Code by opening Whatsapp on your mobile phone.

WhatsApp Image

3. For scanning the QR code from your mobile, you need to tap on the three-dot menu present on the top right corner of Whatsapp.

WhatsApp webpage

4. After clicking on the three dots, now you see the WhatsApp web option, simply click on it.

WhatsApp webpage

5. After clicking now you see web now simply scan the QR  available on the desktop from your mobile WhatsApp app.


whatsapp login

5. Now you see you successfully see how can you open Whatsapp web on desktop successfully.


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